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NEWS! Date: November 6, 2015

We are doing some long-overdue updates to the website and, in the midst, are taking down some videos with old formats and encourage you, if you haven't already done so, to...

...Check out Carol's YouTube Channel (ctviera) for TONS of Norman's videos and a few with Carol, too! :-)

While you're here, though, we hope you enjoy the following timeless interview and video!

WGBH Radio Interview with Norman Bolter:

Click here to listen

WGBH Boston radio interviewed Norman Bolter about his life with the Boston Symphony and his future plans. If you missed the broadcast interview aired worldwide over their WGBH website on November 23rd, or if you did hear it but would like to hear it again, we have good news. With the kind permission of producer Brian Bell and WGBH, we've posted it here. Note: This interview includes a sound clip of Norman's acclaimed euphonium solo on Mahler 7 with the Boston Symphony, which many of you have asked about and is now out of distribution. Enjoy!

After a Lesson and a Related Video:

Many moons ago, Norman gave a lesson to our nephew, John, and it was great fun and so good to see him
since we rarely do. John lives in Florida
and played trombone in the school band back then.

After the lesson, Norman gave him a little
demonstration of some other things a trombonist
can do: Harmon mute, multiphonics, circular breathing...
Here's a short video (below) for your enjoyment.

Watch a second video with Norman and John (and other videos)
on Norman's blog.



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