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IOURS, for solo trombone and chamber orchestra (19:15)

Commissioned by Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra

"When, in 2001, Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra first approached Norman Bolter about composing a work for trombone and chamber orchestra as well as performing as soloist on the world premiere of this work, he immediately was inspired by a specific theme, our local cosmic family and trinity: sun, planet (earth) and moon. In IOURS, the resulting three movement work, the composer's aim is to evoke the influences of this potent celestial trio, including their quality of 'family,' aspected as father sun, mother earth and child moon."

- from the "Introduction"
"...a planetary encounter via Norman Bolter's marvelous new trombone concerto, 'IOURS' ...[with] the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Isaiah Jackson, at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge....

Bolter, a composer and, since 1975, a trombonist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has created in 'IOURS' (pronounced EYE-oars) an altogether winning concerto that chamber orchestras should now be lining up to perform - if, that is, they can find a soloist capable of meeting its virtuoso demands the way Bolter himself did here. A 21st century man who hasn't forgotten humankind's place in the universe, Bolter composed this three-movement concerto to depict members of what he calls our 'cosmic family' - the moon (child), the Earth (mother) and the sun (father) - in musical terms focused on his own instrument, which he played fully voiced as well as muted in various ways. He even, briefly, sang through the trombone as he played it, a haunting effect."

- Boston Herald

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