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UNITY BORN OF HUMANITY, for trombone choir (4:27)

Written in 2003 in response to the contemplation, Given the incredible diversity of people all over the world, what could possibly unify everyone?, UNITY BORN OF HUMANITY is an attempt to inspire "humanity" as one possible starting place in addressing this question. Meant initially for ourselves, the Frequency Band and local audiences, we hope the music now, through this free gifting, will find a home in others wondering about and seeking answers to this question. We hope as well that some of you will feel moved to play the music and, by doing so, inspire others.

Our special thanks to Wes Hopper who kindly donated his services, typesetting this music from Norman Bolter's handwritten score, so that it could be made available as a gift to the public.

For your inspiration and playing opportunity, here are Free Downloads of the score and separate written introductory and technical notes for UNITY BORN OF HUMANITY. Enjoy!

Score: Unity Born of Humanity, for trombone choir (PDF 84.7 KB)
Notes: Unity Born of Humanity, for trombone choir (PDF 90 KB)

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