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This special release EP recording was created as a tribute to a dear mentor and friend who passed away, and as a gift to his family and friends. We are both very happy and honoured that his family supports our further releasing this personal tribute into the world. Music by Norman Bolter includes "Prayer" (for trombone quartet and strings), inspired by "A Prayer for the Dying," a stirring poem written by a dear friend.

PLEASE NOTE: This special EP recording has 10 minutes of music only, fitting its original intention. It may also offer a special introduction to Norman Bolter's music and the Frequency Band way and style of recording for those new to our music.

Copyright (c) 1997-2002 Air-ev Productions (ASCAP). All rights reserved.
  • Prayer, for trombone quartet and strings (4:58).
    MP3 sample, approximately 0:33 (0.3 MB).
    (Norman Bolter, Darren Acosta and James Nova, tenor trombones,
    Mark Cantrell, bass trombone, recorded 2001, Symphony Hall, Boston).

    Completed in 2001, "Prayer" was composed at the request of our friend's family in response to a stirring poem written by our friend entitled "A Prayer for the Dying." Upon hearing the musical result, he and his family wrote, "the music is marvelous, and goes beyond what we could have hoped for." We, of course, were delighted that they found the music 'in sympathetic resonance' with our friend's writing, yet not knowing the following year, our friend himself would have passed away.

  • Onward, from "On With the Battle of Life," for trombone choir (1:26).
    MP3 sample, approximately 1:00.
    (Norman Bolter, conducting the world premiere performance in Jordan Hall, Boston, 1997;
    This recording first appears on Norman Bolter's "Experiments in Music" CD, see above listing).

    Written in 1996, this first movement from "On With the Battle of Life" was born from a special moment we had with our friend during a phone call in 1996. It was a particularly testing time for us, and upon hanging up the phone, our friend said, "On with the battle of life!" and immediately, the main theme of this music turned up. This moment carried with it the vitamin of "being able to go on," and so it is in this spirit that this music is included in this recording.

  • The Archer, tenor trombone duet (3:36).
    MP3 sample, approximately 1:23 (1.3 MB).
    (Norman Bolter and James Nova, tenor trombones,recorded 2002, Jordan Hall, Boston;
    This recording first appears on Norman Bolter's "Occurrences" CD, see listing below).

    Written in 2002, "The Archer was inspired by Samkin and the other archers in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book "The White Company." A recording of this music was sent to our friend on his birthday in the summer of 2002. He enjoyed it very much, further saying that he found the music resonated with "the qualities that were valued in those times, giving them life anew in these times now." This was the last music our friend received from us before he passed on.

Total Time, 10:00

NOTE: Print music is available for all pieces. For more information, click here.
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